About RIT Certified

Applied education and training serving employers, individuals in and out of the workforce, and working professionals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote economic mobility and sustainability for individuals from all sectors of the workforce across the region, nation, and globe. We work with employers to identify skills gaps and challenges in both hiring new talent and upskilling the current workforce. We then take what we’ve learned and design high-quality learner-centered experiences that lead to demonstrable skills for people and a pipeline of qualified talent for employers.

Our Commitment

To Learners

We are relentlessly dedicated to your success. That means providing accessible education-to-employment pathways to improve your current situation, future career, and lifelong economic mobility. With regular assessments, personal attention, and a focus on applying and demonstrating in-demand skills, you and your goals remain our top priority.

To Employers

We provide training and education solutions for your unique workforce recruitment and retention needs. We are a partner you can really trust—the kind of partner that lightens your load and provides solutions, not more work for you.

Your Solutions Partner

Looking to attract and retain talent, upskill employees, and increase diverse representation at every level? You are not alone. RIT Certified supports organizations of all sizes with a wide range of goals, missions, and challenges.

Our Certified Partners

Academic Expertise

In traditional undergraduate education, you learn within one school, major, or division. In the real world, you work with — and borrow skills from — many disciplines and points of view. Our relationship to RIT brings different content areas together to provide well-rounded holistic skills sets you need for both immediate impact and future growth.

Our college partners at RIT include:

  • College of Art and Design
  • College of Health Sciences and Technology
  • Kate Gleason College of Engineering

Industry Insight

We partner with employers to provide workforce development solutions and invaluable inside perspectives into the current job market. We welcome our first employer partner:

  • Rochester Regional Health System

Professional Simulation & Skills Assessments

Our partnership with Cappfinity provides you access to leading-edge strength and skills assessments, the launchpad for your learning and career roadmap.

Our Team

Ian Mortimer

Associate Provost, RIT Certified
With nearly 30 years of experience in higher education, Ian embraces this next chapter to democratize skills and increase economic mobility. He has a passion for RIT Certified’s mission to help new and underserved populations of learners find success in the workplace.

Thérèse Hannigan

Chief Learning Experience Officer
Thérèse’s 25+ year career as an educator, designer, problem-solver, and entrepreneur has shaped her into a visionary architect of immersive, engaging experiences. Throughout her robust career as a faculty member at RIT and interactive agency owner, she has demonstrated an impressive ability to embrace, analyze, and exceed the limitations of current thinking to create adaptive solutions to the ever-changing needs of students, clients, and employers.

Dennis Di Lorenzo

Chief Business Officer
Dennis is a workforce development expert and advocate for educational access and job and economic mobility for all. With 25+ years of progressive experience in higher education leadership, training, and education, he is both adept and passionate about building quality training programs that produce better outcomes for employers and individuals in the workforce.
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