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Our offerings reflect the most in-demand skills hiring managers are seeking right now. How do we know? We partner with employers and industry leaders to ensure you’re gaining the most relevant, up-to-date skills.

Crisis Planning and Response Management

Business and Organizational Continuity


Lean Six Sigma

Green Belt

Integrative Behavioral Health

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Technical Communication

Writing for the Web


Technical Communication


Clinical Health Care

Integrated Behavioral Health for Physio-Health Clinicians

Enterprise Leadership

Crisis Planning and Response Management



Semiconductor Processing

Process Excellence

Lean Six Sigma

What is RIT Certified?

We are offering a new way to gain, apply, and demonstrate the in-demand professional skills you need to find your next job, move forward in your career, or take your life in a new direction. We think of ourselves as a bridge—between learners like you and the skills you seek, as well as between employers and qualified, well-matched talent. Our employer-driven programs will empower you to write—or rewrite—your story at any moment.

Our Promise to You

The Certified Experience

Always Relevant

Each course is designed to meet the needs of real employees and the demands of real employers. Our applied curriculum is designed to reflect the evolving needs of the current professional landscape. Always up-to-date, always real-time.


Our curriculum has been co-developed with practicing industry professionals and reflects the current needs of real employers. We work closely with employers to ensure our curriculum is future-focused and 100% applicable on the job.


Experience the ultimate in flexibility–open enrollment, scheduling options, mix-and-match courses, and a variety of learning formats to fit your schedule.


Your RIT Certified credential is a trusted, RIT-backed endorsement of the relevant and clearly demonstrable skills you’ve acquired during your experience. Display it on your resumé, your LinkedIn page, and anywhere else you want employers to notice. Trust us, they will notice.

Fueled By Expertise

Ever wish you knew someone influential in your field who could help you get ahead? With RIT Certified, you’ll learn from and build relationships with industry experts and hiring professionals ready to share their valuable knowledge, skills, and perspectives.

Simple to Showcase

Job simulation is built into every learning experience. You won’t just discover new skills and emerging concepts, you’ll learn to apply and demonstrate your knowledge in any situation. At the end of your program, you’ll be equipped to show employers the measurable outcomes of your learning.

Career Guidance

“I don’t know where to begin.” We understand people struggle with identifying the right job or career path. RIT Certified’s Career Guidance Specialists will help you find your path through individual advisement and an assessment of your current strengths and skills.

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