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Program Areas

Art & Design

RIT Certified brings you the sought-after skills to put into practice at work. You can learn to think like a designer to solve complex problems. Gain illustration skills to apply in high-growth fields like digital applications and motion. Become proficient in virtual production, digital artistry, animation, and practice making one-of-a-kind art using both traditional skills and modern technology.

Clinical Health Care

Gain immediate skills you need today to succeed in today’s most high-growth sector. Courses in behavioral health, respiratory therapy, pre-nursing, and more will help you secure your position in this mission-critical field.
Communications - Young woman communicating in front of small group


Communication is still at the top of employers’ list of most-wanted skills, regardless of the job. While digital-first and specialized occupations are on the rise, they don’t demand technical skills alone; they require a balance of skills involving verbal communication, listening, and relationship building. Our course offerings in technical communications will help you gain these skills and set you up to get a job, sustain your position, and advance in your career. 


RIT’s Global Cybersecurity Institute is one of the world’s leading cybersecurity education and research centers. The university is recognized as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Research and a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency. Look for courses and programs to enter or advance in this high-growth industry, and update your skills as advances are made.


With our engineering courses and programs, you can learn from the best, whether you need management competencies to take on a leadership role, or hone your skills in microelectronic electrical engineering, and more.

Engineering Technology

Construction management, wireless communications and satellite, and product design and development are fields experiencing increased growth in job demand. Pick and choose from our courses and programs in these fields to gain the skills you need to get ahead.

First Response

From risk and resilience, to criminal justice, and forensics skills, RIT Certified provides you with an all-access pass to gain the skills you need in your mission-critical job.

Health Care Administration

Gain the leadership and management competencies of an MBA combined with the specialized skills to manage within the unique health care industry. Learn to operate successfully within health care systems, and acquire finance and policy skills specific to the industry. Attain highly sought-after skills in health care informatics and data analysis, and more.

High School Pro-Advantage

Join us for a week-long immersion to pursue your passion through the lens of industry. We are exploring innovative crypto and blockchain industry experiences for curious high school students.

Law & Technology

Technology is transforming the future of law, don’t be left behind.. From productivity skills to artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and data and analytics extraction methods to automate research, gain skills to leverage technology to increase efficiency and optimize compliance.


RIT is probably best-known for offering cutting-edge technology curriculum. It is in our name, after all. From computer science, software, and programming skills to professional technical communications, RIT is home to the latest applied education in technology.

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